The TOAH Fund is available for experienced nonprofit and for-profit developers, municipal agencies and joint ventures of these entities. The Fund is available to borrowers with established track records of developing affordable rental housing, including supportive housing, and who meet the Fund’s underwriting requirements. The TOAH Fund seeks high-quality TOD projects that maximize the availability of affordable housing units and/or level of catalytic neighborhood change.

Key Eligibility Requirements

  • Project development site must be located in a Priority Development Area (“PDA”) in the nine-county Bay Area, which consists of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma, including incorporated cities. See Geographic Priority Map below.
  • Project development site must be located within a half-mile of quality transit services, which includes BART, light rail, bus rapid transit, etc.
  • Project must show demonstration of local public sector support.
  • Project sponsors/borrowers may be nonprofit or for-profit organizations, government agencies, and/or joint ventures comprised of such entities with a track record of developing affordable housing or other projects that meet a community need; limited partnerships and limited liability companies affiliated with the project sponsor are also eligible.
  • Project Sponsor/Borrower must meet minimum organizational standards along with other eligibility requirements based on type of Loan Product. Please see Products page for more information.

Geographic Priorities

TOAH Fund investments focus on projects located in proposed and planned Priority Development Areas (PDAs) in the nine-county Bay Area region. PDAs have been identified through the FOCUS program led by the ABAG and the MTC. These areas have demonstrated local commitment to increase the availability of housing and services and encourage pedestrian-friendly environments served by public transit. To find out more about PDAs, visit the PDA Showcase.

Please note that an address located within a PDA does not guarantee project funding through the TOAH Fund. Many additional factors will be considered during the underwriting process. For locations on the border between a PDA and non-PDA or any other questions about PDA eligibility, please contact the Fund Manager at info@bayareatod.com.

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